Harry Potter commercial posters

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True Romance (1993)


True Romance (1993)

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I’m not even 100% sure where I am headed with this, but maybe just typing some words will make me, or someone else, feel a little better. The news about Robin Williams has hit me much, much harder than I ever would have expected. Sure, I am a huge comedy fan, and he undoubtedly was a huge…

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various of Kagurazaka by xperiane (Extremely busy) on Flickr.


various of Kagurazaka by xperiane (Extremely busy) on Flickr.

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Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, and Amy Poehler

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You know what this all makes me realize, though? Is that maybe the three of us were meant to be best friends…together.

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“Leonardo DiCaprio is probably, I think, our finest actor since Marlon Brando.” - Mia Farrow

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this isn’t even a problem

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